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CAVECON July 22 thru 28th

CAVECON:  CAVCON Awareness Party, July 22-28th

Explorers are raising awareness of the CAVCON meter (MOULa's financial health) this week.  A number of events have been scheduled already and the organizers are looking for more.


If you are interested in hosting or participating in any of these events, join in the discussion on the Myst Online forums!

Here are a few details shared with us by submitter Michelle Marquise:

We will have a 24/7 CAVECON  starting on July 22 thru 28th. We very much would love for everyone to participate. This event will be for all countries. Events can overlap so everyone can participate! Listed below is access to my calendar. Events will be posted there. It is blank right now and should fill up quickly. So please email me the name of your event, time, time zone and location in Uru, SL or OS Grid.

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Ryan Miller Interview

By AaronAKAAtrus and Doobes

Note from the Guild: This interview was conducted over a year ago by AaronAKAAtrus. Part of this article was written by him. Due to the cancellation of GO! Magazine and the introduction of The Cavern Post (as well as lack of free time on his part), the completion of this article took an indefinite back seat. For the occasion of the new online version of The Cavern Post, Doobes has finished this article for Aaron and now presents it for all to enjoy.


Ryan Miller is a very familiar face in the cavern to people who played URU during the Prologue and Gametap eras. The younger brother of Myst co-creators Rand and Robyn Miller, fans may have recognized him in cavern as the avatar of Douglas Sharper, a persona which he expanded and deepened with his explorer interactions until eventually he became a real personality to many in cavern: the “grumpy, mean and arrogant” explorer with a little bit of a rebel streak who was able to draw many explorers to follow him during his disagreements with the DRC.

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Rand Miller Q & A - ADBMM

Hello one and all!  Doobes here, fresh out of the cavern and Kirel, and if you haven't been following the weeklong celebration that is ADBMM, you missed one of the signature events...an in-cavern question and answer session with Cyan Worlds, Inc. CEO and Myst co-creator Rand Miller!  Just like our usual AGMs held in that particular hood, I bring a raw and cleansed chatlog for those who forgot/couldn't attend/were eaten by the lag.

Rand answered quite a few pre-submitted questions from explorers in the time he had.  Some interesting points: Lees meer

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UruObsession closing

Dan'ni, site staff/admin of UruObsession, has posted an announcement that UO will be closing its doors.  UO has been one of the longest-running Uru-focused community sites.  Here is a copy of the announcement:

"We have an announcement to make - we're going to keep it brief:
It's been a great honor for us to run this site for all of you, but as all things must eventually end, so the time has come for UO to end as well. After 10 years of being online in various forms, starting with Mudpie Obsession, the forum will officially shut down on New Year's Eve. All of us at URU Obsession's Staff would like to thank you all for being part of this project - without you UO would have never been such a big part of the Myst community.
Perhaps someday we will meet again, someplace else.
-The Staff"
There is also a discussion at the Myst Online forums along with the suggestion that UO's forums could be archived.  UO's "Cavern Today" section holds many of the discussion logs and event updates from Uru Prologue (2003-2004) and MO:UL (2006-2008).
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Reminder: UruBlogs is Moving

As of December 7th 2011 UruBlogs will no longer be located at urublogs.com. Instead the site has been moved to blogs.dniexplorer.com. For those of you who still visit the site or follow the sites RSS feed you will need to update your bookmark and feed bookmark. There will be no forwarding with the urublogs.com domain like there is with most of Tweek's sites when they move.